Group courses are designed using the individual needs of the participants. Group courses focus on topics such as gratitude, being your 'best self', what it means to 'live in the moment', and practice compassion for yourself and others.

This course is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn how to use mindfulness-based strategies and explore character trait development. Group classes are for families who want their children to experience more joy, self-love, appreciation, and confidence inside and outside of school.


Designed specifically for each family, this course focuses on what the children and family need in order to feel more connection, respect, love, and ease when they are together at home or out in the world. Private classes engage participants in research-based and innovative activities to help them reach their individual goals and experience life more fully.

This course is perfect for families who know their potential and are needing support with making positive changes and implementing new routines. Private classes are for families who are committed to giving their children the tools they need to grow in unique and meaningful ways.



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