Meet Emily-Jean

Creator and Founder, Your Mindful Child

Emily-Jean Drevno is an expert in bringing fun, easy-to-use, and impactful practices into the lives of parents and their children. Emily-Jean is an elementary school teacher, and licensed Reading Teacher, with a Master's Degree in K-12 Curriculum and Instruction, and certification in Kids Yoga. 

Emily-Jean knows the in's and out's of what today's schools and parents are missing and what kids and families need to become the family they know they're meant to be! Her work teaching mindfulness and character development has impacted hundreds of children and their parents both in school and at home. Emily-Jean is passionate about illuminating truth and guiding children and families in unique and meaningful ways so that they can feel more connection, love, respect, joy, and ease in their daily lives.

What is Your Mindful Child


Your Mindful Child uses research based and innovative practices rooted in mindfulness, Social-Emotional Learning, and character development to facilitate purposeful personal growth in children and their families. 

Using simple, easy-to-use, and impactful strategies and routines, Your Mindful Child guides the entire family in becoming who they really want to be. 

Our Mission: Your Mindful Child's mission is to positively change the lives of children and their families by illuminating the greatness that exists within them to one another and to themselves; ultimately leading to happier, more confident young people with healthy minds and fulfilling lives.